The ADRBC is a community of ADR professionals working together to generate business opportunities, obtain professional development, and demonstrate the benefits of ADR by upholding the highest standards of ADR practice.

Users of ADR services are warned to steer clear of unaffiliated practitioners, so membership with the ADRBC is a competitive advantage that sets you apart from ADR practitioners who are not associated with a regulatory organization.

Other benefits of membership with the ADRBC include:

  • Networking and educational opportunities;
  • Opportunities to serve on committees and the ADRBC Board;
  • Business opportunities, provincially as well as nationally through ADRIC;
  • Advertising opportunities, including a listing on ADR Connect, the national database of members from which the public may select the ADR practitioner of his or her choice;
  • Updates and information about the ADR community;
  • Competitively priced insurance for arbitrators and mediators
  • Input into the development of ADR policy by government

How to Join the ADRBC

To join the Institute, fill out the application for membership and submit membership dues. All fees are refunded if the application is not approved.

Membership: $346.50 incl GST ($220 ADRBC + $110 ADR Institute of Canada fee + 5% GST)

Non-practicing member: $75 plus GST

Associate (Individual): $220 plus GST

Associate (Corporate): $300 plus GST

(Designations: C.Arb., C.Med., Q.Arb., Q.Med., C.Fam.Arb. applicants require additional forms to be completed)


When the Institute is asked to recommend and appoint a mediator or an arbitrator the Institute will, on a rotation basis, select from the ADRBC arbitrator or mediator Referral list, based on experience, expertise and nature of the dispute, a C.Arb or a C.Med., persons granted Member status, or members known to be experienced arbitrators or mediators.

In addition to referrals, the Institute appoints the arbitrator in ICBC and Economical Insurance cases where parties have failed to reach agreement relating to the value of vehicles written off or damages.

An appointment fee will be invoiced to the member who accepts an appointment, who must remit it to the Institute within 60 days of the appointment. The fee is $100 plus GST for amounts in dispute under $100,000 and $200 plus GST for amounts over $100,000.


All members are entitled to display the ADRIC logo in connection with their ADR practice.

ADR Institute of British Columbia

Application for Arbitrator Roster Status
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Application for Mediator Roster Status
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Contact Us

The office is located in Vancouver.

ADR Institute of British Columbia

(formerly the BCAMI)
300 - 1275 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6H 1A6

Contact our Member & Client Relations at: 

Toll Free BC: 1-877-332-2264
Vancouver: (604) 736-6614 Fax: (604) 736-6611